April 26, 2021

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Would You Know If You Had Anaemia?

Did you know that nutrient deficiency can cause anaemia? Would you know if you had an iron, vitamin b12 or folate deficiency?

Here are the symptoms of each:

Iron: The W.H.O estimates that approximately 30% of the world population suffer from an iron deficiency. Symptoms include: paleness, strange cravings to eat dirt, ice or clay, hair loss, brittle nails, ice or clay, mouth or tongue sores, dizziness, headache, irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath.

Prevention: taking an iron supplement which helps form red blood cells and gives you all the energy you need.

Vitamin B12: Symptoms of this Vitamin include muscle aches, poor appetite, poor dental health, joint pains, increased mood changes like depression or anxiety, inability to concentrate properly, difficulty breathing, dizziness.

Folate: A.k.a Folic Acid. Symptoms of this Vitamin include Poor immune function, poor digestion(like constipation or bloating), during pregnancy: developmental problems for the baby, pale skin, premature hair greying.

Hope you learned a thing or two. The most common symptom of Anaemia is Fatigue. Have any of these symptoms? Talk to a Doctor at Healthboxes on 09091111129.





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